Eva Svítková

game of thrones


When Kit and Adam's marriage ended, Kit felt completely lost. But now, a year on, her life is back on track. She has a new home, the perfect job - working for a famous novelist - two wonderful children and is on good terms with her ex-husband...

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Twistleton is a village untouched by time, taking its rhythms from the countryside around. Daisy, Jean, Freddie and their friends Aurelia and Laura are devoted to the place, so that when war breaks out Twistleton...

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Posíláme do týdne

Delilah has made a big decision. In fact, finally she's made several. She's leaving Bradford, leaving her boyfriend Lennie, and taking her Tom Jones collection, her pet whippet, Fatso and herself to the bright lights of the big city...

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„K dobré knize je třeba dobrých čtenářů.“

Victor Hugo