Michal Doseděl



A decade after his sizzling debut A Private View, Sante D'Orazio returns with a second volume of photo-diary-scrapbook, covering 1997 to 2008. Uncensored and provocative, D'Orazio's shots are mounted in collage-style entries framed with candid...

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Dodání může trvat více než tři týdny

LaChapelle Heaven to Hell is the third volume in an exhilarating trilogy that began with LaChapelle Land (1996) and continued with the infamous Hotel LaChapelle (1999). Packed with astonishing, color-saturated, and provocative images...

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This collection showcases the work of acclaimed New York City photographer Mark Seliger. Originally from Amarillo, Texas, Seliger's work bears an unmistakably theatrical sensibility...

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The king of exuberant eclecticism, photographer and director David LaChappelle is an accomplished talent in the worlds of fashion, advertising and fine art. Known for his strong use of color and playful pop sensibility...

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This miniature version of Men, Stefan May’s charged compilation of male nudes, contains all the energy, vitality and thrill of its precursor. And, it still contains all the delightful photographs that made the larger volume so delectable...

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Dodání může trvat více než tři týdny

„Čtenář to má dobré - může si své autory vybrat. “

Kurt Tucholsky